10 Must-Have Study Apps for College Students to Achieve Success

We all know that studying often looks like riding a burning bike downhill – you’re trying to stop or jump off, but nothing works. However, today, the lives of young people are easier than a few decades ago. The digital world gives us numerous fantastic opportunities that help us manage our time effectively, progress in education, maintain finances, and improve health. We prepared a list of 10 study apps for college students – download them to cope with everyday problems.

Popular Apps for College Students You’ve Got to Install Today

Every time you try to improve college scores, set a schedule, or deal with finances, you fail because of an academic mess. Does it look familiar to you? Use these free apps for college students to improve all the spheres of your life.

1.      StudyBlue

It has a version for iOS and Android. It gives you access to students’ guides, recommendations, notes, and useful materials. With the tool, you’ll see the educational progress.

2.      Quizlet

It’s one of the must have apps for college students. This program is available for iOS and Android. Here, you can create studying modules, test your knowledge, prepare for exams, use the flashcards of other people, and many more.

3.      Evernote

There are versions for Android, Windows, and iOS. If you’re looking for one of the most helpful study apps for planning, consider this one. Create lists, notes, keep track of important educational events, make reminders, manage projects, and maintain deadlines – it hasn’t ever been easier to control your life.

4.      Mammoth Math

Do you want to improve mathematics homework results with the help of study apps for iOS and Android devices? This program contains hundreds of books, explanations, guides, analysis, and everything you may need. You can use it offline.

5.    Google Calendar

The tool is available for Android and iOS. It’s among the best calendar apps for college students. You can plan a day, create events, reminders, add maps and photos, and set a convenient mode directly on your smartphone.

6.      Pluto Money

This program is designed for young people who want to control their budgets more smartly. You can download it if your device runs iOS. The application teaches you how to spend money wisely, displays expenses, and shows your financial habits.

7.      Headspace

Consider having useful college apps that help get rid of depression, anxiety, and insomnia on your smartphone. Headspace is created for Android and iOS devices. Here, you’ll find meditation techniques, SOS exercises for emergent events, guides on concentration improvement, and so on.

The Best Productivity Apps for Lazy College Students

8.      Frolic Play Space

A user can download this math games program if he has an Android or iOS device. It helps create habits, set goals and reach for them, and stay motivated through games. Set aims and keep track of your tasks with this app.

9.      Be Focused

It’s another effective tool that helps you improve time management skills. Be Focused is available for iOS users. The features of this program allow you to set tasks, watch the progress, track goals, and determine the best time-frames for breaks.

10. RescueTime

Use this program on Android and iOS smartphones, laptops, or tablets. It helps you manage energy properly and get rid of habits that waste your time. See how you spend the day and boost your productivity.The college student apps from our list are free. These tools will help you improve scores, manage time in a better way, get rid of health problems, control the budget, and boost productivity. Download them and enjoy your life!