Don’t Panic! Expert Tips for Writing an Essay in 60 Minutes

Regardless of the level of knowledge of the subject, not everyone can write an essay in 60 minutes and write it for the required score. It is needed not only to come up with what to write, to write it logically, correctly in terms of grammar, to use various structures, and to show a good margin, but also to do it quickly. Mission impossible.

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How long does it take to write a paper

Sometimes it is required to write a good essay in a limited amount of time, for example, while on the exam, where the time given is always lacking, you especially need to know how to write essays faster. 

In other cases, the time may be limited simply because you postponed your homework until the last moment or remembered to write an essay at the very last moment. Despite the fact that a hastily written composition will almost never be compared with the composition to which you will devote more time, quickly composing a decent text is a completely feasible task. 

With the right planning approach and enough hard work, you can always write a relatively good (or pretty decent) essay even in a short time. So, how to write an essay you don’t want to write?

How to write a good essay more quickly

Decide on work schedule

The first tip on how to write essays faster is to make a work plan. Think first about what your essay should look like. It is very important that your essay is holistic; all suggestions and thoughts are interconnected. If you do not adhere to this rule, you can lose a point for inconsistency and non-compliance with the task.

Of course, this advice on how to write a college paper fast involves making a plan. Planning worries some and oppresses others. There are many different ways to implement this, but at least make a picture of your essay in your mind.

Is the best way to learn how to write essays faster is to practice writing it all the time? The answer is yes, and no at the same time.

When writing an essay, you must follow the structure so that the text seems logical.

Yes, you need to practice writing essays, but doing just that is harmful. Different parts of the composition require different skills. To write a beautiful beginning, you must be able to rephrase the question. To compile the main part, you need to learn to explain thoughts, ideas. And in order to come up with a conclusion, you must be able to take stock.

Thus, we suggest you practice writing the introduction, main body, and conclusion separately. 

Focus on the process

The next stage on how to quickly write a research paper is to be sure to focus on the process, do not be distracted by neighbors, wandering thoughts, worries, etc. Now the maximum attention and concentration.

Entry writing

The third part of our guide on how to write essays faster is writing an entry. This will cause a stupor in somebody. Start writing from the second paragraph, but strictly according to plan. After writing the rest, the introduction is easier.

Follow the structure

Always follow the structure of a particular essay. So, if we have an opinion essay, the introduction should already have our opinion, and in the main body – arguments in favor of this. The exam is not a place to experiment.

The structure of any composition is as follows:

Introduction: here, you state the essence of the issue and your point of view. Do not rush, as this is the first thing the examiner will read. First impressions are always important.

First / initial sentences of each paragraph: they should be written clearly and in essence. 

Start with general considerations, and then build your thoughts in such a way as to gradually move on to specifics.

Conclusion: This is usually the easiest part of the essay. More often than not, all you need to do is go back to the beginning and rephrase it.

Apply these tips correctly, and then the rest of the essay will add up by itself.

What are the informative texts?

Reorient the question

This tip is left in the end because it is very important in terms of how to write essays faster. The composition may be unsuccessful for various reasons. Your subject knowledge level may not be high enough. However, one of the gross errors that should be avoided is the lack of an answer to the question. Helpful Hint: Before starting a new paragraph, read the question again, making sure that you are moving in the right direction. It’s easy to get carried away during the writing. You can start writing on the topic, and then in the process of work, you will have a “good idea.” And you, of course, write about it. But a “good idea” for you is not always a good idea for a reviewer, especially if it is not about a question.